Saturday, October 20, 2012

...And the poaching continues in Tanzania

Herd of elephant killed recently in Tanzania
Bryan Christy, author of the excellent investigative report Blood Ivory in the current issue of National Geographic, has just posted on his personal website a hunter's first-hand testimony of the reality of elephant poaching in Tanzania.

The hunter, Paul Lavender, reported: "... we heard sustained automatic weapons fire not more than a km away. We could hear several weapons and there was initial fire of 80-100 rounds ...

"We were ... horrified to find 11 dead elephants; mothers, babies, immature males. The poachers had clearly killed the whole herd irrespective of whether they had ivory or not."

He paints a pictures of carnage and chaos, worsened by official incompetence and misdirection.

It's a particularly pertinent account as Tanzania has just applied to CITES for approval to reduce the protection afforded its elephant populations and to sell 101 tonnes of stockpiled ivory ...

Read the testimony in full on Bryan's website at

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